Year 3

Welcome to your Home Learning Page!

Our staff will be updating this page on a daily basis. If you have any questions or want to send work to us please use the email address

What will the expectations be on teachers?

· To provide home learning each day

· To respond to learning and give feedback via the class email address above

· To respond to questions about the learning from parents, carers and the pupils themselves

· To email directly any parents, who we have not had contact with

· To celebrate great online learning

What expectations do we have on yourselves as parents and carers?

· To communicate with school, sharing the home learning with the teacher via the class email address regularly

· To ensure your children have time to do their learning, where possible, on a daily basis


Our top priority is to ensure that our children are safe and that their education continues so if we do not have contact with you, the follows steps will be taken:

1. Your child’s teacher will email you using the email you have provided to school

2. If we do not receive a response then your child’s teacher will text you, sharing the class email address with you so you can remain in contact with school

3. If your child’s teacher does not receive an email after they have text you, they will call you in order to offer support with the learning at home

If your child’s teacher is not able to speak with you, then this will be referred to Mrs Rourke. It is important that we know you are safe and that you are able to support your child with their learning and that you are safe and well.



All children have access to a number of websites to support learning at home – passwords in planner or please contact class teacher – passwords in planner or please contact class teacher – passwords in planner or please contact teacher – password in planner or please contact teacher – Username: student27995 Password: reginald – Username: regmitch1 Password: rainbow

Abacus – Years 3 to 6 only- passwords in planners or please contact class teacher

Ten Town – Nursery, Reception and Year 1 only passwords in planners or please contact class teacher


Educational games can also be accessed on sites such as:





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Week 14 (w.b. 13.07.2020)

This Week’s Activity Menu:


Week 13 (w.b. 6.07.2020)


Week 12 (w.b. 29.06.2020)


Week 11 (w.b. 22.06.2020)


Week 10 (w.b. 15.06.2020)


Week 9 (w.b. 08.06.2020)


Week 8 (w.b. 01.06.2020) Uploaded weekly from 01.06.2020


Week 7 (w.b. 18.05.2020)


Week 6 (w.b. 11.05.2020)


Week 5 (w.b. 04.05.2020)

VE Day 8.05.2020- Today’s home learning is optional because it’s a bank holiday. Here are some VE activities for you to do, if you wish. Please send photos, as I’d love to see your creations on this special, important day.


Week 4 (w.b. 27.04.2020)

English Tasks-



Week 3 (w.b. 20.04.2020)

The documents below are for 21.04.2020 home learning activities:


Week 2 Home Learning Activities (w.b. 30.03.2020)


Week 1 Home Learning Activities (w.b. 19.03.2020)


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